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WHY <> ShopWhereYouLive.com

To aid you in acquiring …The Special … The Unique …. The Hard to Find ….Product or Service….. For Your Home. This is our Goal.

To Achieve this …

This is our Concept.

1. To build an affordable vehicle to support a limited number of locally owned businesses that serve…Your neighborhood with Unique Home Products & Services.

2. To enable local businesses to explain the Services or Products they offer and encourage you to allow them to provide their offerings to you.

3. To establish a search engine that only features a limited amount of quality products or services of what we believe may be the best providers in your neighborhood. Our goal is to keep it down to 10 per zip code in a particular category.

4. Our desire is to keep the Sub Categories to a limit of 10 per zip code and is totally up to our discretion. We want you (the consumer ) to Judge their & our value … not each business.

5. To provide you the ability to reward those who you believe offers a quality product or service experience. To try to keep approvals to those who have actually used the product or service offered.

6. We want to be a unique search vehicle where unusual products & Services for the home that the other Mega engines like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp & others cannot achieve. Because our focus is on Select Companies. Please search of our products & Services & then the Companies that appear when you search. Hopefully you will find a unique service or product.

7. Insuring your money & Taxes paid are directed towards local needs is very important to all neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods that allow the loss of their small Businesses will and do pay a huge price. Losing them now maybe losing them forever. From the inability to fund a little league team to the loss of taxes that funds your Roads & Schools.

8. The more the Merrier … Search vehicles that aids you in directing a purchase towards local entities is Good. We are trying to Focus on Home Products & Services.

9. Our Goal … is to grow and support your local businesses & to encourage others to find the categories & businesses that will serve YOUR local businesses in the future.

For a Free Local listing of a business you have faith in …. They should Go to www.shopwhereyoulive.com  and on the home page … Upper Left… Click ADD LISTING . There will be a choice of programs… We suggest that you or they first choose the FREE listing and fill out the information. We are just beginning and we really want those that are in your opinion exceptional . Comments are always appreciated.

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