Directory Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Gold 6-Month Featured Listing $49.95
Gold Six-Month Listings include all available services we offer! Gold Level Participants may add up to 5 images of their business or products, include a video, provide coupons for promotion and all of the other services included at the lower levels.
Please include your business information such as your address, hours of operation, phone number, website link, and your social media links.
All Gold Listing Participants will be listed at the TOP of all search results for any given category. You are allowed to choose one specific category (included) and up to four additional categories (for an additional $10 per each category) which will be billed once your listing is approved.
Platinum 1-Year Package $69.95
Receive an entire year for your business listing for only $69.95
This promotion includes a link to your website, a video, a coupon (can be changed as many times as you like). Best of all, your listing will be featured at the top of the listings in your category. 
Silver One Year Listing $39.95
The Silver One Year Listings are perfect for those who want exposure for their businesses in a directory environment, but do not want all of the attention that you are likely to receive from a Featured Listing.
Silver Listing Participants are encouraged to list their business hours, phone number, street address, and business URL (website). The website will be linked back to your actual website, should you have one. 
Silver Listings also include two photos for viewing in the directory. 
Silver Listings may choose one specific category for their business listings. You may choose four additional categories for $10 each. Additional categories will be billed separately once the listing is approved.
Basic 3-Month Listing $0.00
A Basic Listing is Free to all qualifying businesses to any single category of your choice. The listing is good for three months and may be renewed at the same rate for as long as we keep this program available.
Basic Free listings are limited to the most-basic of information on the site regarding your business. You may put your hours of operation, directions to your business, and a phone number. Each Basic Free Listing includes one business image. Website links are not allowed with this level and will be removed without notification. 
In order to receive a Basic Free Listing, you will be required to display a "Shop Where You Live" information card at the front door of your store or at your business Check-Out areas.
All Basic Free Listings are able to upgrade their listing to a higher level at any time. 
Subscription Pricing Plans
HistoricNeighborhoods $169.00
Our Goal is to have a source for every Historic neighborhood or City to list their attributes, Show their beauty, brag on their architecture and generally promote and use this platform to increase sales in their neighborhood, promote economic growth and the benefits the additional sales achieved. My wife and friends love seeing these beautiful communities & believe an effective source to find them ,find the dining choices and know the unique atmosphere the local businesses promote. 
Multiple Gold Listing Subscription Plan $169.95
Ideal for businesses that want to place enhanced listings in multiple categories or in multiple locations. Package Features: 1 year of service for up to 10 listings. Each listing can have: 10 photos, a website address, a coupon and a video clip. Each listing is a featured listing (appears before non-featured listings).
Hardware Showroom Program $169.00
Showrooms selling  Decorative Hardware.